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Palm Soap

Sizes: 25g and 40g

Shapes Round only

Wrapping: White Pleat Wrap with sticker

All ranges Boxes- Mohini, Affinity, Terra Firma and Afrique Plastic Wrap with sticker

All ranges Flow Wrap - Green Range, Affinity, Affrique and Tranquility Naked soap (no wrap or stickers) available

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Glycerine Soap

Sizes: 25g, 40g, 50g

Shapes Round, Square, Oval, Heart and Rosette

Transparent Colours: white ; green; dark pink; light pink; yellow; orange

Wrapping: Plastic Wrap - with or without stickers Naked soap - no wrap

Fragrences: Afrique, Affinity, Terra Firma, Tranquility, Mohini, Lemon, Frangipangi, Wild Fig

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