Luipardal Hotel Guest Amenities | Company Background

Luipardal, has been manufacturing hotel body products, soaps and offering complimentary accessories for close to 15 years. Through our commitment and dedication to our product and our staff we have introduced new innovative ranges that have been regionally recognized & used in many acclaimed hotels.

Our factory & head office is based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our staff compliment has grown from 5 people in 2005 to 45 people today.

Luipardal Hotel Exports
Luipardal has regional exports contracts. Our export division is experienced in all logistics and necessary documentation to ensure a smooth process. A large portion of Luipardal products are COMESA & SADC certified. This allows goods to be exported into the COMESA and SADC countries at a much lower duty if not a 0% duty thus making Luipardal products regionally price competitive.

Design & Innovation
Our in house design department keeps up to date with International trends & innovative packaging which is evident in all of our ranges. We also have the ability to offer in house design and create unique branded ranges for large hotel groups & independent hotels. Special attention is given to each & every client ensuring they receive the product that is best suited to their environment.

Our unique capabilities ensure the client has choice of both packaging and product.

Quality Hotel Products
All of our body & soap products are carefully formulated adhering to strict international standards. We have two soap processes, vegetable based soaps as well as glycerine soap. Our raw materials are carefully selected from reputed suppliers and fragrances & essential oils are supplied from internationally acclaimed fragrance houses.  So the end result is a product that is as appealing to the eye as it is to the body.

Eco Friendly
In our packaging department we are always looking at new innovative ways to present product. Great attention is paid to eco-friendly options. We have this year introduced a natural flow wrap and a recycled paper option.

Luipardal Comunity Projects
We have also embarked on a project to support the local community through the utilization of using Hand Made Recycled Paper. A client now has the choice of using  Handmade Paper for their Packaging of Personal Care Items. This not only supports a local community, it protects the planet & reduces the hotel’s carbon foot print.

Mapepa presents a unique range of paper products created by village people in the African Republic of Zimbabwe. The objective of the organization is to promote and support small-scale paper production through community based projects spread throughout the country. Master paper makers train villagers in the ancient art of papermaking using simple equipment which is donated by the organization. This fledgling new industry has given hope to hundreds of people, mainly women with young families. They are trained to make paper using indigenous plant fibers that grow wild around their home. Each sheet is made from 100% cellulosic plant fiber - which is lignin and acid free. Luipardal purchases essential oils through KAITE a community based project in Zimbabwe.  

KAITE is a private company with outlets in Zimbabwe and Germany, engaged in sustainable social entrepreneurship through the cultivation, production, authentication, processing, exporting, and marketing of high quality organic products for the local and international market.
Through our emphasis on the organic production of herbs, spices, medicinal, and aromatic plants, as well as staple foods, we ensure that small-scale farmers escape the vicious cycle of heavy reliance on imported inputs, unsustainable methods of farming, volatile produce markets, low producer prices, and lack of marketing.


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